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Today I'd like to bring up a topic associated with the difference between PowerPoint, Keynote and PDF. One of the things we often find is that almost every client uses PowerPoint when they're using their presentation on the computer to the projector on the screen. Then you have those people who use MacIntosh and want to use Keynote Then there's the some people who do something radical and they use a PDF file.

And then there's one other group. There's the group that likes to use Prezi. And if you have no idea what that is that's fine, then probably you should never learn it. Unfortunately some of your presenters like to use Prezi. I call it the seasick program. What is that Prezi.com create a Prezi where everything tends go in circles pzz pzz pzz pzz and as I say it's I call it the seasck program because by the time you finish watching the presentation your eyes are going ahhhhhh Enough about Prezi. It doesn't operate the same.

The biggest thing is what is the difference between PowerPoint and Keynote. First off Keynote is only available for Mac, and can only be used with a Mac. Pretty much limited only those people who are using Macintosh computers.

PowerPoint is very much the same between the Windows version and the Mac version. The only slight variation is how Windows and Mac treat graphics. A lot of times if the PowerPoint is made on a Mac you'll see some graphic issues, where files are not just standard JPG files. If there's some weird unusual graphic file sometimes they don't pass through well. If they're using PowerPoint 2010 or newer you'll find most of those difficulties disappear. The other thing that tends is if you make a PowerPoint on Mac is the fonts are not always the same. I'm talking about the default fonts, not if you're using a specialized one. That's a different problem. The fonts, if you're using Mac fonts even though it might say Arial, it's not always exactly the same as Arial on Windows. Times New Roman, or any of those ones. Sometimes people will design a beautiful PowerPoint on a Mac and bring it into a Windows computer. Lines or fonts are different. So many things are different. Generally the operation of PowerPoint are exactly the same.

There are some people like to use Keynote and like to use the "fun" things in Keynote. The transitions, the backgrounds, and so on. It is a nice program. It's cool to use. But remember it is Mac.

Some people will convert their PowerPoint into a PDF file. This is fine if they've converted a PowerPoint into a landscape design. But if they've taked a vertical page from a Word Document and they make into a PDF, people forget that when you're running a PDF on a big screen, if it's vertical, a lot of people can't read what's on the slide. If they've actually gone from this mode to this mode and use the actual slide, converted to PDF. Then you're relatively safe making sure that the transition's fine. You can do a full screen version of presenting and it works also with clickers for advancing.

One more thing about Keynote. One time I was operating an event and a woman came up to me, she dropped off her Mac on the tech table, connected it up, got it all up. Got it up on the projector. She pulled out her iPad and she had a program on her iPad that allowed her to advance the slides while she was up at front. Somehow she'd made it possible for her iPad to speak to her Mac and both of them were seeing the slides, and it was still Keynote. What was really amazing, this woman got so involved in her talk she walked away from the podium, left her iPad sitting on the podium. She's not that far way, maybe 3 or 4 metres away from the podium. She realizes that her iPad is way back there, what am I going to do? She reaches in her pocket, pulls out her iPhone, a couple of ..... She's now advancing the slides from her iPhone. I didn't think she was capable of doing that and I didn't think she was the techie type person that she was but it turned out that she kept her presentation flowing and it was interesting and she was controlling her Mac, sitting on the tech table from her iPad at the podium and a few metres away with her iPhone.I understand you can do the same with PowerPoint with the appropriate tools, software and apps. I was quite astounded to see that. This is how Mac likes to integrate their things.

There you have it. A bit about the differences between PowerPoint, Keynote and PDF -- Oh and Prezi. Paul Donovan here for AV Technician.ca Your channel for tips and tricks for AV Technicians. Click LIKE if you liked this video. 

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