PaulAVBlacksSitting500Welcome to AV Technician. I am bringing this web site and Youtube channel to you because I want to share some of the things I have been doing for more than a decade and a half as an AV Technician.

My name is Paul Donovan. I have my own independent video production and audio/visual services company. I've been in business since 1996. I used to do web site design for small businesses and organizations but have dropped that and focus now on doing video work. My company is Living Productions Inc. Please check out the company web site for information about our services.

What you will find on this web site is things related to being an AV technician in the normal meetings and conference sense. You will not find information about huge shows, concerts. And you will not find information about advanced equipment settings, how-to's about advanced settings. This site is all about the little guy who wants to be an AV technician setup team or operator.

My role is primarily as a show/event operator. But I also get involved with the setup and strike (tear-down) of the events I work with. If I'm there during the setup I know where everything is, where to find things if I need them during the show, and what short-comings there might be to the event and try to find a way to get extra equipment brought in, or how to work around it.

All the best as you explore my channel. I welcome feedback and comments about this web site and the Youtube channel. Click CONTACT US in the menu for a way to reach out to us with your feedback and comments. 

Thanks for watching.

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