Folding Drape Alone

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Today I wanted to show you a little bit about how to fold up drape. Sorry I don't have the actual black drape so I'm going to use a blanket. This blanket is pretty close to a similar width, anyway. This one is probably 3 foot wide, but is only about 8 or 10 feet long. What I'm going to do is show you a technique I have for which I fold drapes.

The black velour drapes what you want to remember is to fold them with the velour side in. The dirty side, the unfinished side, out. This protects the velour from damage and dirt that may occur in the course of transpor and carrying.

This is the narrow end and this is the wide end. What I always do is I grab one corner of the wide end. Then I feel it down until I get to the other end, of the long end. Put them together. Velour side in. Put them together. Then I go down and I find the mid point. Of course on a 12 foot this now pushing about 6 feet or even 8 feet long. Now you've got it this way. I then fold it in half again. Until you end up with a piece of drapery that is about this size. Pretend I folded that a couple of times cuz on a 16 foot you're probably going to fold that a couple of times.

Now what to do, cuz you're doing this alone. You're going to get a little bit fancy What you do is flip it until you reach the half way point. Fold it to the half way point. Then what you do there is you flip it again, and you flip it again, so it's half way. When you are finished if you folded it nicely. Of course, I'm doing this on camera you're noticing I'm not doing it very successfully. If you folded it successfully you've got a drape like this where everything is folded up nice. Pockets are on this end. You can then stack this neatly. Stack it neatly with all the other ones. In to the road case. That's the best way to fold it.

When you're working alone I find the best thing to do is fold the long end first. Continue with the long end folded in half and half again. Until you get something that's about this wide. Then you just flip in half, to you get the half way point. Flip it in half again And there you have a nicely folded.... Oh, not so great. There you have approximately, anyway, a nicely folded drape. If you do it right, you'll have the velour on the inside protected. You'll have everything on the same end. Pack it in to the road case. Nice clean edge, probably the loop part. And everything is looking fine. This is how to fold a a piece of drape.

Thank you very much. 

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